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Flower paradise

I started to take these photographs because my first response was shock seeing the artificial swans made of car tires proudly exhibited in the flowerbed next to my house in Minsk. Accidentally I discovered a new world that I was not aware of – the little decorative gardens in the yards of blocks of apartments. In the beginning I got acquainted with this world by strolling around in the nearby vicinity. In the new world I stumbled across a series of sculptures made of old children’s toys, plastic bottles and tires, incredible paintings put next to planted flowers. And I met heroes or the creators of this world. They made this fairy-tale kingdom real.

Andrei Liankevich (1981) is a photographer based in Minsk, Belarus. He has shot for Spiegel and Newsweek, as well as produced his own projects, such as “Pagan” and “Fake Animals”.