/ Andrew Miksys / Photo story


For ten years (2000-2010) Andrew Miksys traveled the back roads of Lithuania photographing teenagers in village discos. Most of these discos are located in Soviet-era culture houses where Miksys would sometimes find discarded Lenin paintings, old Soviet movie posters, gas masks, and other remnants of the Soviet Union. He became fascinated by all this debris of a dead empire and the teenagers who visited the clubs. It seemed like a perfect backdrop to make a series of photographs about young people in Lithuania, a crumbling past, and the uncertain future of a new generation all together in one room.

Andrew Miksys (1969) is from Seattle. He has lived and worked in Vilnius, Lithuania for fifteen years. His most recent book, Disko, was published in November 2013. He has been the recipient of grants from the Guggenheim Foundation, Fulbright, the Aaron Siskind Foundation and Light Work.