/ Diāna Tamane / Photo story

You can’t have me for real

Excerpt from the sound:

A foreign body arriving to a new city, it did not seem to exist. And then, little by little, as a developing photograph, becoming part of something, belonging once again.

From day to day walking the same streets, looking for references, looking for water. Her stories were condensed at the bottom of river, they were moving smoothly, transforming with flow. Water was fluid and blue, cold and transparent, wavy and deep, but also reflecting. On the surface, she saw reflections of memory, but it wasn’t her memory, it was someone else’s.

This place was always very clean, reminding of a hospital. Here there was no past, it faded out, it simply withered. There was no air either. When entering the building you would need to adapt, if you know how to adapt you are fine. Just move forward, just create a new work. Day by day, hour by hour.


In those days it was rainy in Riga. They said 54 people died. They said the roof caved in at 17:41 local time. The collapse occurred during peak shopping hours. Eyewitnesses said the roof collapsed over the checkout counters, where many people were waiting to pay.
Did you forget? Your keys? Your mobile? PIN code? To write an e-mail? Your promise? Your future?

The European Union must demonstrate convincingly that is important to us, and what values we stand for, he said.

In the park she would look for green, she would take a picture of green almost with anger.
It was one of the cities where she used to live while waiting for spring.

Skin, skin, flesh, skin, flesh, flesh, skin as an information gathering device.
How often have you heard “You can’t have me for real”?


The planes are floating slowly dividing the sky into a tic-tac-toe, nevertheless the sound accompanying them moves quickly enough (343 m/sec.) chasing and overtaking her in her daily routine. She doesn’t like planes. She prefers to stay on her own feet.

One day looking for new roads she gets lost in google maps never finding her way back.

Diāna Tamane (1986) is a Latvian photographer living and working in Belgium. She graduated from Tartu Art College and Sint-Lukas Brussels University College of Art and Design. She works mainly in photography and video, exploring topics of identity, memory, distance and family issues.