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3rd Generation

3rd Generation is a collective social documentary photobook project, which shows the lives, opinions, and thoughts of Israeli and Palestinian youth using a very individualistic and personal approach. In the book, the protagonists’ stories are told through pictures, interviews, and words.

The book has been brought to life by Iuna Vieira, the photographer on the Israeli side, Mafalda Rakoš, the photographer on the Palestinian side, and Raphael Reichl, the graphic designer.

At19 years old, they themselves aspired to build close relationships with their protagonists in order to reveal perspectives that are as authentic as possible. Even though the Middle East Conflict is highly present in everyday media coverage, individual destinies and stories are seldom heard. What do young Palestinians and Israelis think, feel and experience on a daily basis? What are their thoughts, feelings and dreams? What do they discuss with their friends, and what do they worry about?

The photographers spent a month traveling the area, talking to the protagonists, all aged 15-25, about their experience of the Conflict while documenting their everyday lives.

The aim of this project and the approach to it is to bring the topic, which often appears to be very abstract, closer to the viewer.

Mafalda Rakoš (1994) has worked in Vienna, the Middle East and West Africa. Her work has been published in magazines and newspapers like die Presse and das biber, and has been shown at various festivals, including Encontros da Imagem in Portugal, KOLGA Tbilisi in Georgia and Voies Off in Arles. She has been the recipient of awards and grants such as the Jugendinnovativ-Design Prize, the Prix Revelation SAIF, and the Documentary Project Fund.

Iuna Vieira (1994) was born and works in Vienna, Austria. She kicked off the 3rd Generation book-project, which won various contests and was exhibited internationally. Vieira has exhibited her work in group and solo exhibitions in Vienna and at Encontros da Imagem Festival in Braga, Portugal.

3d Generation won the second prize in Self Publish Riga book dummy contest, organized by ISSP, part of Riga Photomonth 2014.