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In 1988 I began a project that would define my photographic practice and redefine my relationship with the central character in my life. Mother started as a series of casual snaps taken at a time when I was new to the medium struggling to find my way through new technical challenges and looking for a reason or purpose for making images. Continuing to make images of my mother within her home on a regular basis, I found through the camera lens a way that allowed me to communicate with this person and in turn she allowed me the time and freedom to perfect my technique and ideas.

Fast forward some 27 Years to 2015 and the project Mother represents a remarkable achievement in the lives of two people who have collaborated on a body of work that has defined their relationship and shows over an extended period of time the life of a woman now nearly 80 years old.

Mother series (1988 – present), in further development as part of Jerwood/Photoworks Awards 2015.

Matthew Finn (b. 1971 Leeds) graduated from Derby University in 1994 with a degree in Photography. He is the recipient of the Jerwood/ Photoworks Award in 2015 and his work will be shown in exhibitions at the Jerwood Space, London and the Impressions Gallery, Bradford.