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FK Artist – Andrejs Strokins

Andrejs Strokins (1984) is one of the currently most active Latvian photographers. Over the last year he has participated in 5 group exhibitions and has also had 3 solo shows with the latest being launched on 25 August at the MVT Summer House in Riga. Strokins has a considerable collection of awards and the last one he has received is the prestigious Foam Talent nomination.

Strokins gained wider attention with his series People in Dunes, where he documented the boundary line between the urban environment and nature in Bolderāja and Daugavgrīva neighborhoods in Northern Riga. Lately, he has also been attracted to vernacular photography integrating in his projects images that he has found in antique shops and family albums. Strokins also uses his smartphone to document a variety of mundane, yet surreal situations.

Strokins has graduated from the Department of Graphic Arts of the Art Academy of Latvia. He has studied photography at the ISSP Summer School, as well as Sputnik Photo and The Joop Swart master classes. On a daily basis, Strokins works as a commercial photographer mostly documenting various events.