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Latet anguis in herba

My photographic practice draws on my relationship to primary landscapes and also represents my yearning for wild nature. In this project, photos of my friends from their youth are revised into a collection of nostalgic moments. The collection is a window into another place and time. However, the exact time and place remain vague. Rather than exploring stories, a place or a person, I hijack and transform the external reality, to paint a reality beyond time and space: that of the unconscious. On one hand, the scenes are relating to games of children pretending to be Native Americans in the woods, on the other they embody an impossible adult fantasy of eternal youth and freedom. Without excessive materials or digital effects, I combine the techniques to create images that sit between photography and poetry.

Ewa Doroszenko (1983) is a Polish visual artist, working with photography and multimedia installations. She has received Doctor of Arts in Fine Arts from the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun, Poland.