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FK Artist – Roman Korovin

Latvian artist Roman Korovin (1973) is known for his ironic and seemingly easy and laconic photographs, paintings and drawings, where most frequently mundane things, objects and situations have been portrayed. As a result of a mutual interaction, the images (mostly published and exhibited in diptychs) turn into a more general commentary on society, human relationships and even the meaning of life.

Korovin has graduated from Janis Rozentāls Art School and has studied graphic arts at the Art Academy of Latvia, which he graduated in 1997 with a Master’s degree. He has published three books and his works have also been published in the FK Yearbook Latvian Photography 2015. Korovins has had solo shows at kim?, Riga Art Space and Kalnciema Quarter in Riga, as well as group exhibitions in Venice, Leipzig, Moscow and elsewhere. Next year his works will be exhibited at the Riga Photomonth. On an everyday basis, Romans shoots commercials at Vilks Productions.

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