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FK Artist – Alnis Stakle

Alnis Stakle (1975) is a Latvian photographer mostly known for his night-time landscape photographs – whether peripheries and neighbourhoods with private houses in Daugavpils or the new projects in China, the humdrum surroundings in Stakle’s photographs obtain an aesthetic quality. Stakle was born in Līvāni, but he grew up in Daugavpils, where he got a doctoral degree in Pedagogy in 2011. He has been teaching Photography for several years and has introduced a Bachelor degree programme in Photography at the Riga Stradiņš University. Stakle has had more than 15 solo shows and 50 group exhibitions all over the world. Most recent achievements can be attributed to his book dummy Melancholic Road, which was shortlisted in several international photobook competitions, including Unseen in Amsterdam and Fotobookfestival Kassel. The book contains screenshots from amusing amateur videos in Russia. This project, to some degree, sheds light on the less known interests of the photographer – archives and vernacular photography, socio-politically charged subject matters and appropriation.

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