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Tales of Lipstick and Virtue

Tales of Lipstick and Virtue deals with the crossroads of gender, class, race and their connection to self-representation, as well as post-colonialism, authenticity and pseudo-luxury.

The series consists of portraits made in Albania and fake-stills of brand imitations outside the studio, blurring original and bootleg, fact and fiction.

Sexual and visual self-determination as empowerment, and the intersection of class and aesthetics are examined with saccharine colour, stylization and humour.

Anna Ehrenstein is an artist based in Germany with Albanian heritage. She studied photography at the University of Applied Science in Dortmund and is living and working in Berlin. She has exhibited internationally, for example at the Galerie Lichtblick in Cologne (2017) and the Finalist Exhibition at the Festival Encontros da Imagem in Braga (2016). On 13 May her work will be shown at the projection of shortlisted work from Riga Photomonth’s open call under the theme Facts and Clarifications.