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The paper has no profil

The role of the photographer has changed over time. In the past it has been the craft of a few to turn blank paper into a photograph, using the darkroom. Today, all you need to do is press the shutter button. Everyone who owns a camera is a photographer. At least this is the public opinion. Rather than creative quality, all that counts is the size of the camera and the length of the lens. The incredible amount of pictures being produced day by day deprives photography of its mystique. For me, this trend can also be interpreted as an opportunity for the medium itself. Today it looks simple to get a sharp and well exposed image. The technical handling becomes a standard, which puts the motive in the center of attention. The question will more often be why instead of how. When I started photography I found myself watching for other photographers with better equipment than mine. I know that figuring out this point takes time – in hope of shrinking down the time I need for it myself, I created this series.

Patrick Pollmeier (1992) is a German photographer, who has studied photography at the University of Applied Science Bielefeld. His work was screened at Riga Photomonth earlier this year.