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Chimera is a mythology beast, a fascinating mutant of lion body, snake´s tail and head of a goat. From biology point of view it is a human whose cells are bearing a different genetical code. Paul´s foetus was mixed with foetus of his “sister” in the early stage of pregnancy. His genome is composed by 75% of XX chromosomes. He/She is having a womb, uterus throat, ovaries etc. Outer genitals are nevertheless XY. TODAYS she calls herself Gabi. She is a chiméra with a mind of a man and obsession beeing a perfect woman. She didn´t know this at the beginning. Pavel started to feel woman in himself at the age of 27. He was not aware of beeing a chiméra. He was convinced of beeing transsexual. I was present at the time and therefore the document about Gabi started.

Vladimira Kotra (1990) is a Czech photographer who studies Creative Photography at the Silesian University in Opava. Recently her work was screened at Riga Photomonth projection New Chic.