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Tinder Generation

Here is the devise of the most downloaded dating app in the world. With 50 millions active users and more than one billion of potential partners, it has revolutionized the way people connect, flirt, and meet up. I took a particular interest in the users of Tinder and produced a series of portraits, so as to explore the way our generation is interacting in the hyperconnected environment we live in. By using the app, I met the Parisian users of Tinder and I invited myself into their home to photograph them while they are doing their “love shopping”, switching the thousands of available profiles. To each portrait is also attached a photograph of their phone, displaying one of the match. It is a way to show the application, the huge diversity of profiles we can find, they way the users are tying to look their best, but also the object from which everything starts.

Maxime Matthys (1995) is a Belgian photographer based in Paris. He has studied photography at the Toulouse school of photography and design and photojournalism at EMI-CFD school in Paris. He is the winner of this year’s Kaunas Photo Star.