/ Jagoda Wisniewska / Photo story

My mother is a hippie

In My Mother is a Hippie I deal with the hunting stereotypes of the mother whose love should and is unconditional. I explore the power and powerlessness that bonds so deeply within the mother-child relationship. I am fascinated with the unsettling duality behind the experience of motherhood. I work with different masks of motherhood, trying to challenge the visual representation of motherhood as single-minded identity. Today, motherhood is being rebranded; from fashion, media faces, high profile figures to influencers – women are leading a new dialogue about what it means and what it doesn’t mean to be a mother. Voices are being raised by women who openly talk about dark sides of motherhood, claiming their right to be tired, to be fed up with the role they perform, or to be simply not perfect.

Jagoda Wisniewska (1987) was born in Poland but now lives in Switzerland. She holds a BA Hons in Photography & Film from Edinburgh Napier University, and an MA in Art Direction from ECAL. This project has been selected for an open-air projection during Riga Photomonth 2020.