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FK Artist – Pēteris Vīksna

Pēteris Vīksna (1994) is one of the most active Latvian photographers of the new generation, and his regular city walks can be seen not only in his Instagram stories, but also in the recently published book Soon. The photographs in the book by Riga International Biennale of Contemporary Art (RIBOCA) feature various districts of Riga, revealing the cultural layers of the urban environment – their magic, contrasts, and absurdities. At the same time, Vīksna also actively documents his generation at various social events and informal situations, and these photos will be shown in this year’s Latvian Photography 2020 publication, to be launched in June during Riga Photomonth.

Vīksna is self-taught in photography and has only graduated from high school. He has participated in the group exhibitions Her Abilities (2018) in Liepāja, his works have been published in Benji Knewman, JEZGA and other magazines, and he also shoots music and fashion videos.

English subtitles available