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Arnis Balcus: 5 photographs, 5 stories

FK is starting a new rubric in which photographers will talk about their photographs in the form of a video interview – five works that describe their body of work. This time we start with the editor of FK Magazine itself, director of Riga Photomonth, photographer Arnis Balcus.

Balcus has obtained a bachelor’s degree in communication studies at the University of Latvia (2002) and a master’s degree in photography at the University of Westminster in London (2005). He had personal exhibitions in London, Riga, Glasgow, Bratislava, Berlin, Malmö, Belostok, etc. This year, a photobook Myself, Friends, Lovers and Others of his early work came out, but his latest series, Baltic Way, is published in the new edition of Latvian Photography 2020.

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