/ Sergei Stroitelev / Photo story

Inner Cat

The reason for us to share out house with cats is not only to create comfort. Of course, cats are our friends and animals become members of our family over time. But I am also convinced that cats are an example of a good life for us, relaxation and chill. They know how to relax. Everyone, at least at some point in his life, has dreamed of becoming his/her own cat. This is especially true in difficult situations when you want to get rid of problems. For example, now that the world is plunged into chaos in connection with the coronavirus pandemic. Our pets continue to behave imposingly and calmly, because they do not suspect what is happening outside – they have already isolated themselves from the moment they entered our dwellings. While we, their owners rush about and worry. Stress levels are overwhelming in a big city and each of us turns on our inner cat from time to time to get away from worries. It manifests itself in different ways for everyone. Someone relaxes, someone is depressed on the bed all day, someone turns on the fool, someone starts to eat, someone dances and yells to the music. Those who have forgotten how to do it or have never been able to do it have a good opportunity to learn.

Sergei Stroitelev (1985) is a Russian photographer based in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. He is working on a regular basis with National Geographic Russia, VICE UK, Takie Dela, Bird in Flight magazine, others.