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The Kids Are All Wild

These stories are somewhere between the odd and the ordinary. Dream-like images revolve around the mystery and the secret of modern and old, loud and quiet, clean and dirty. There is something about continuous duality expressed through light, composition, color, character, feeling. The truth about fiction and manipulation leads to inventions and playfulness. However, the pictures still refer to a world that real people inhabit.

Locating what is beautiful is always a challenge but the biggest difficulty I encounter creating my pictures is in making sure that the final images are just like I imagined them in my head. I like to play with unusual locations, trying to tell a story. In my opinion, the overall feel should be like in a movie, where the atmosphere plays an important role in transmitting the message. I’m striving to create a feeling that there is something yet to be revealed to come through in my work.

Linas Vaitonis is a Lithuanian photographer based in Vilnius. He has studied biology and ecology, and is a self-taught photographer.