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I visited my home place Goldberg in Poland after first lockdown. For me a trip to Poland is always the search for an answer to the question of my origin and its meaning. By photographing there, I revisit my own childhood memories. Growing up was always accompanied by the urge to discover something else in one’s own family history, to add a hidden meaning to it, it seemed that there was something hidden everywhere, that everything had an underlying secret… The people of Goldberg are trying to find a treasure to this day.

In spring 2020 there was another aspect. The limited communication made the distance between me and the residents noticeable. The distance to the other person and the isolation has brought out their longings and I could watch it. Isolation has driven the retreat into the fairytale world, as everyday life was reshaped and re-shaped by the lockdown.

Natalia Kepesz is a Polish photographer who lives and works in Berlin. After graduating in cultural studies and art history at the Humboldt University Berlin, she studied photography at the Ostkreuzschule Berlin. These series will be presented at Riga Photomonth projection.