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Vivid reality

Vivid reality invites the audience into a personal journey of a young female existing between memories, dreams and reality. The base for the project is the everyday existence during the times of polarization, post truth and isolation. Documenting life through self-portraits, still life and landscapes, the story reflects on the repetitiveness of everyday life and complexity of dealing with the subject’s emotions, concept of the self and her relationships with others. The main focus is directed towards feelings experienced in the reality that is simultaneously static and rapidly changing at fast pace, becoming more vivid, eerie and disturbing. Navigating through life with mixed emotions, there is still a very strong need for gentleness, intimacy and comfort, which the subject is lacking. Vivid reality is an anxious reflection of a subjective experience that can be empathized collectively. It is both real and surreal as the line between these two concepts is fading away.

Līva Pastore is a Latvian photographer residing and working in London. Mainly focusing on exploring different perspectives of photography, she documents personal and learned alienation, boredom, loneliness and other experiences associated with the modern existence.