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How to save the face

Biometric data belongs to the state and corporations, but least of all to its owners. For many years, I have had to prove my authenticity using biometrics. It was interesting to me to look at myself from the other side. I would like to think that I am more than my biometric data. How do I look in the eyes of government agencies and corporations? Will I be able to feel more valid (real) by collecting my biometric data and correlating it with my idea of me?

In the project, I reflect on the element of violence in the collection of biometrics: I draw parallels with the historical collection of information according to the Bertillon system, for this I photographed and measured some parameters of my body, took fingerprints. For a more complete picture, I created a thermogram and 3D of my face. I also experiment with the concept of morphing, for this I made a family tree by combining my passport photo with photos of my closest relatives.

I deconstruct my own appearance, deconstruct the constituents of my body (biometrics) and put them together so as not to lose my identity.

Olga Niekrasova was born and raised in Crimea, where she got a journalism degree. In 2010 she moved to Germany, where she currently lives and works. In University of Freiburg, Olga received a second degree in media studies and art history. At the moment, she is a student of Fotografika (Russia).