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Photos from Ukraine

Social networks and media are now full of photos taken by the people and soldiers of Ukraine, which reveal the brutality, cruelty and tragedies of the war. However, in addition to these vivid testimonies, press photographers from Ukraine and other countries are also doing their work in Ukraine. These photographers who mostly work for such prestigious news agencies as the Associated Press, Reuters, Getty Images and Bloomberg, are also risking their lives to offer us as objective a view as possible of what’s happening now in Ukraine. The images of these photographers are published in the world’s leading media, which, together with the material created by ordinary citizens, gives us an idea of current events in Ukraine. By clicking on the names of the photographers, you will be able to see their profiles on Instagram.

Aris Messinis


Mikhail Palinchak


Emilio Morenatti


Erin Trieb


Evgeniy Maloletka


Mstyslav Chernov


Chris McGrath


Serhii Korovainyi


Slava Ratynski


Wolfgang Schwan