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They were

The cycle They Were boils down to the Man Ray-like form of negatives onto which signs and numbers symbolising the character of the depicted figure have been painted by hand. The point of departure of this abstract, surrealist cycle was numerology and the symbolism of geometry used to define the portrayed person, as well as to bring them closer to the viewer. The negative contributes to the unrealness of the memories of them. Painting on the works is a performative action where the author, so to say, marks the portrayed women, making each work unique in the process.

Borys Makary (1977) is a visual artist based in Cracow. Deals with conceptual, creative and commenting reality art. In his work, mainly uses photography, but also creates installations. More and more often uses the video. Graduate of the University of Arts Faculty of Multimedia Communication in Poznań. Defended the PhD in Visual Arts supervised by prof. Grzegorz Przyborek at the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź.