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Daydreaming is a series of photographs discussing the state of mind wherein we detach ourselves from external reality and – while still conscious – partially immerse ourselves in our inner world. Often, ordinary things around us take on a new meaning, which allows us to perceive them in a different context. As we grow older and mature, we are forced to rationalize our thinking and it gets progressively harder to immerse ourselves fully. This series centred on my brother, Jan, who recently went through this period of transition. Jan’s creativity and imagination never cease to amaze and inspire me.

Tomáš Jiráček is a Prague-based photographer specializing in fine-art, product and portrait photography. He uses both analogue and digital photographic techniques to explore themes of inner worlds and create narrative-driven works. He is the founder and manager of Teleport, an independent photography gallery in Prague, which was established in 2023 to focus on promoting and showcasing the work of young and emerging photographers.