/ Bianka Csenki / Photo story

Ich bin bei Jules

Ich bin bei Jules is a personally motivated project that delves into a man’s philosophical outlook on life and sexuality while assuming roles as a spouse and parent, employing the tools of staged and documentary photography. Jules’ existence is intriguing due to his four-decade-long engagement in an open marriage. Within this dynamic, his five offspring have been reared with an ethos of liberation, some of whom have since established families of their own. By capturing images of Jules, his familial relations, and his intimate partners, this endeavor aimed to examine an unconventional model of interpersonal connections, investigate its repercussions on the family unit, and gain insights into the patriarchal mentality epitomized by Jules, alongside numerous other men.

Bianka Csenki is a recent graduate of the Photography MA Programme at the Moholy- Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest. Her artistic practice is closely related to her insatiable drive for exploration and personal growth, which she consistently documents. This project was recently exhibited at the Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center (Budapest) and at Photon Gallery (Ljubljana).