/ Kamil Śleszyński / Photo story

Defective Bond

As a child, I traveled a lot because I hated the place where I grew up. Even though it was only in my head, it was the only way to escape from the harsh reality. This was the only way I could be away from all the problems. Sitting for hours in the crown of an old tree, I created new worlds. Their complex structure consisted of fragments of reality and images remembered from films watched on VHS. This mix was complemented by creations of my imagination rooted in local folklore and beliefs.

It was such a vast and absorbing area that I explored it for many years.

As I grew up, I gradually lost access to this part of myself. Escaping to inner worlds no longer provided an apparent sense of security. Eventually it became impossible. Only fragments of images that come back to me remain in my memory. I try to confront them with what surrounds me. Because it’s the only way I know to come to terms with the place I grew up in.

Kamil Śleszyński (1982) is a self-taught documentary photographer, author of photo books. His work focuses on complex topics related to social isolation and identity. He lives and works in Podlasie, Poland.