/ Laura Ziemele / Photo story

Ode To Friendship And Home

In a world that is constantly evolving and driving us towards new experiences, we often find ourselves longing for the familiar comforts of our past. There is a special bond that ties us to our hometowns, and the memories we create there often hold a unique place in our hearts. Home is more than just a physical space; it holds the essence of our fondest memories, shaping our identities and creating a sense of belonging. As we grow and navigate the world, the echoes of our hometown often resound within us, shaping the individuals we become. In my graduation project, together with my best friend, I embark on a personal and sentimental journey to re- explore my hometown in Latvia. Together with my friend, we revisited locations that played significant roles in our lives, questioning how the presence of friendship has transformed these spaces, made them more valuable, and infused them with emotions. By documenting this place that has a special place in my heart, I hope to capture the essence of how friendship intertwines with the narrative of our hometown. I want to remind you that the true value of a place lies not solely in its physicality but in the meaningful relationships and shared experiences that bring it to life.

Laura Ziemele is a Latvian photographer who has graduated from Photography department in Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Works with analog photography and she has had exhibitions in Rotterdam and Ogre, Latvia.