/ Joel Karppanen / Photo story

Finnish Pastoral

Finnish photographer studies the modern human’s yearn for the rural life.

/ Luke Archer / Photo story

The Rock

British photographer documents life in Gibraltar after Brexit vote.

/ Olga Bushkova / Photo story

A Google Wife

Russian photographer documents her daily life as a Google wife in Switzerland.

/ Nils Stelte / Photo story

In Security

German photographer explores a sense of security in Europe.

/ Vika Eksta / Photo story

Devil’s Lake

Latvian photographer captures life by the lake in the middle of a forest in Eastern Latvia.

/ Mindaugas Ažušilis / Photo story

Lithuania. 999.9

Vilnius based photographer tries to discover what it means to be Lithuanian.

/ Arnis Balčus / Portfolio

Annemarija Gulbe

Young Latvian photographer turns her camera towards her peers and wins FK Prize.

/ Juli Nazarova / Photo story


Belarusian photographer is documenting the reincarnations of a young girl.

/ Vladimíra Kotra / Photo story


Czech photographer is documenting the transformation of a man.

/ FK Magazine / Portfolio

Inka and Niclas

The works by Swedish artist duo are on view at the Riga Photomonth main exhibition New Chic.

/ Lucia Sekerková & Ivana Šusterová / Photo story


Czech photographers create a photo project on Romanian Roma witches.