© Anni Leppälä. Reading, 2010
/ Evita Goze / Portfolio

Anni Leppälä

The Finnish photographer constructs photo series with a dream-like narrative that echoes with fairytales heard in childhood.

© Tina Remiz. Tram nr. 6, Riga, 2011
/ Arnis Balčus / Portfolio

Tina Remiz

The UK-based Latvian photographer documents the consequences of the economic crisis in Latvia.

Dominiks Gedzjuns. Railway station in Riga, late 1950-ies
/ Toms Zariņš / Portfolio

Dominiks Gedzjuns

He was one of the first photo documentarians in Latvia after the WWII.

© Uģis Niedre. 9 years old Tanja Rozenberga on the countryside road, 1982
/ Baiba Krūmiņa / Portfolio

Uģis Niedre

During the Soviet times, instead of cultivating “salon art”, the photographer Ugis Niedre took photographs of everyday life in the countryside.

© Reinis Hofmanis. From the series Model
/ Arnis Balčus / Portfolio

Reinis Hofmanis

Latvian photographer portrays life models and various open-air role-play characters.

© Ilze Vanaga. From the series Childhood Is Like a Loaded Gun
/ Arnis Balčus / Portfolio

Ilze Vanaga

The photographer’s childhood town of Kuldiga has laid the foundation for the series Childhood Is Like a Loaded Gun.