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Finally we speak English!

Finally this day has arrived – I am honored and very pleased to announce that the FK English edition has aired! Since January, when we launched our web-based issue, we have been receiving numerous requests and hints from our readers and field specialists to come up with the English version as soon as possible. We have hesitated a bit too long – longer than we would like to. Being typical East European cultural employees, it would be normal to put all the blame on the lack of financial resources. Yet, the truth is, nothing has changed in our budget. We have simply decided to work more for the same money to make sure that non-Latvian speakers can finally read us as well!

What can you expect in the FK English issue? In the worst scenario – an alternative resource for all those questionable links on photography in Latvia, but in the best case – a medium about processes in photography in the Baltics and North European region. In fact, you wouldn’t find many online magazines or blogs in English in our geographical setting, therefore we hope we will succeed in conquering this niche, or at least – to put our foot in the door!

So far the FK Latvian edition has been democratic enough to examine various photography praxes, nevertheless we keep our focus straight. The portfolios we publish and write about are in the area of contemporary documentary photography in the widest sense of this term. We will continue to adhere to this policy in our English edition as well. Here you will find photo stories, portfolios, interviews, analytic articles, reviews, etc.

How often will we publish new pieces of writing? Currently we have translated several materials published in Latvian. From now on, you can expect at least one article per week. In future, though, we hope it will be more often. If you have any comments, suggestions, news or events that you would like us to include in our magazine, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will happily review your contribution to the content of the magazine and promise that it will not be left unnoticed. We are open to all kinds of cooperation and we will appreciate your feedback either via comments after the articles or emails.

We hope you will enjoy our efforts into making our magazine better and accessible to wider audiences. We look forward to hearing from you and hope that you will continue to accompany us on our journey.