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Between then and now

This is a documentary project about people and places from a vanishing world. This vanishing world is situated in the Bavarian Forest, which is characterized by its rural structure and which is undergoing massive shifts from a traditional to a modern society. A result of this change is the loss of an old life style, along with its values and traditions. Another result is a necessity of leaving those behind and starting something new. Thereby those places and people are left behind.

This vanishing world can be seen everywhere where changes in the social structure happen, where modernization is taking place. Modernization is a phenomenon which happens everywhere and at every time. Old ideas are left behind and replaced by other ideas, which are considered as an improvement, a natural development within our society. But this highly scientific phenomenon is also filled with stories – stories of the past, and the people and places that remain. Places which were part of old traditions and values are abandoned; people who were growing up during a different time still remain. Both of them are carrying the traces of their lives, of their history.

By traveling around I not only got to know the region, but also explored it in search of the traces of past lives. Thereby I am functioning as a hunter, not just catching and collecting these people and places but moreover their stories and their lives.

Evi Lemberger (1983) is a photograpger from Germany. She has studied at the London College of Communication and ICP in New York. Her recent photo projects deal with issues in Eastern Europe.