/ Linda Dorigo / Photo story

Christian Minorities in the Middle East

The Middle East region without Christians is a concrete possibility since Christian communities have began to move. They are ancient populations born and developed in the area, but now Christians are migrants, fleeing their native countries to look for safety and well- being abroad. Nowadays just 12 millions of Christians are supposed to live in the Middle East. Those who remain live their daily lives among revolutions, sectarianism and violent persecutions. From Cairo to Tehran, from Beirut to Baghdad until Jerusalem, Christians preserved a strong attachment to their roots and spiritual values. This strength helps them to deal with the reality of being a susceptible minority.

Linda Dorigo (1983) is an Italian photographer, journalist and documentarist currently based in Beirut, Lebanon. She studied journalism in Trieste, Italy, and her work has appeared on national and international publications such as Marie Claire, Der Spiegel, Le Monde and L’Espresso among others.