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everything will be ok

In life we all go through good times and bad times over and over, tirelessly. I went through one of these cycles and transformed it into this book. It was my story, but it could just as well be yours.

everything will be ok is the chronicle of a magical journey that starts with an emotional collapse that comes after falling into a hole. It ends, through a long healing walk, with the assumption that after all, and whatever happens, life is always worth the struggle and can actually be pretty funny.

Through photographs taken over five years, the book is set up to form a classical narrative structure in three acts that continuously crosses the line between the documentary and imaginary, as well as the personal and the unfamiliar.

The ink on the book’s cover reacts to temperature, changing color whenever it is touched, and leaving the fingerprints of the reader visible for some time. It is, in a way, a living book that mutates and adapts according to the viewer, whose warmth and contact heals the darkness.

Alberto Lizaralde (1979) obtained a degree in advertising, worked as a film critic and directed two short films. Currently he lives in Madrid and combines his work as creative director at Havas Worldwide advertising agency with his projects in documentary photography. In 2014 he self-published his first photobook “everything will be ok” together with Cristina De Middel, It was selected as one of the Best Books of 2014 by Photo-eye and shortlisted at the Paris Photo – Aperture Foundation ‎PhotoBook Awards. Last copies available at www.thisbookistrue.com.