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I hadn’t seen my sister for four years. She had returned from Canada, where she was working as a caretaker for people with special needs. Then she left again – this time for a pilgrimage to Spain. However, she left a suitcase full of her stuff in my room. Since she started living in Canada, we did not get in touch often. Because we did not talk much and when we did, we did not discuss sensitive issues, I tried to understand what she had become like. She hates when someone touches her things, so I carried out this “examination” in secret. And perhaps that is the reason why it is hard to talk to her – she keeps everything to herself just like a locked suitcase.

Anete Skuja (1991) has studied photography at the Latvian College of Culture and Vilnius College of Design. Project Sisters was created during the ISSP School. In her projects she tackles personal issues, often using found objects.