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Last year I had an idea to make a project about the city where I was born and where I still live. I really wanted to do a 100 % “Tashkent” project. Tashkent is still something unfamiliar to westerners and they can only guess what it could be like. Not being a documentary photographer, I spent most of the year walking around the city and taking photos of Tashkent. Instead of just one visual direction, I discovered that I could study the city as an object. Eventually I started to look at the city in the light of fantasy. Overall, the Tashkent project is my personal representation of the city.

Hassan Kurbanbaev (1982) is a self-taught photographer living in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. He has graduated from the faculty of Television and Cinematography at the Tashkent State University of Arts. He started doing photography only at the age of 27 and his work has been featured in several magazines, such as Bird In Flight and C 41.