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FK Artist – Vika Eksta

Vika Eksta (1987) is a Latvian artist, who uses herself in her works on a regular basis, for example, creating the character of an elderly woman from the countryside in her photo series Dievs Daba Darbs (God Nature Work) or the character of an attractive blonde in the animated GIFs project Snakes and Ladders. Using photography, cinematography and performance, Vika turns to existential topics such as aging, gender and relationships, as well as visual games and the matter of chance provided by the medium. Eksta has graduated from the Latvian Academy of Culture with a Bachelor’s degree in Audiovisual Culture and from the Art Academy of Latvia with a Master’s degree in Visual Communication. She has also studied photography in programme Contemporary Photography and Personal Projects at the EFTI School in Madrid. Eksta is also the winner of the first FK Prize in 2015. Her works have been published in the annual Latvian Photography 2016 and in French magazine The Eyes.