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Seven Summers

The black-and-white photography series Seven Summers is a work that has been created over several years – it is a documentation of everyday moments following the footsteps of my daughters.

In terms of photography, the most favourable time is summer when there is a lot of light. In summer we travel, live in the country home with our granny or visit our friends. Children living on their own, swimming in the river nearby, their games and detachment from the outside world – it is liberating environment; for me – creative, but also quiet area of activity, where I am a mom and at the same time observer with a camera. I am close enough and sometimes I am even invisible…

Over the years, the dimension of time is inevitable – children grow up and change so fast. I find it interesting to observe and document. Is the photography series an album of childhood memories? What about the frames that remained outside the fixed reality – can they be regarded the actual reality that we co-experienced? Are these sunlit, at times idyllic photos the authentic feelings of my daughters, their taste of childhood and personal memories?

These are the questions, which I’m trying to solve as a mom and as a photographer reconstructing the time that has passed or maybe presenting our ideas about it.

Anda Magone (1971) is a Latvian photographer. She has studied photography at Andrejs Grants’ studio and have had exhibitions in Berlin, Riga, London, Prague, Tartu etc.