/ Grazyna Siedlecka / Photo story


Are we alone or are we being watched? Is there a god, do we live in a matrix or are we simply the outcome of an alien experiment? Especially since the Roswell incident in 1947, where the American army is alleged to have secured a crashed UFO containing alien life, the idea of flying saucers and aliens fires our imagination. There is millions of conspiracy theories, true stories, para-scientific and para-religious societies in depths of Internet, people who know exactly what UFO is. Fresh From Poland called on artists via social media to submit their visual image of UFOs, as one of the shared projects within its larger UFO Visual Lab project. On the basis of the submissions, #SHOWMEYOURUFO researches how the image of alien life and UFOs has formed in our consciousness over the past 75 years, and how the myth of the UFO has evolved.

Grazyna Siedlecka (1985) is the founder and chief editor of Fresh From Poland. Also works as a curator, photo editor and writer. This project will be screened during Riga Photomonth opening days.