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FK Artist – Eva Saukāne

Eva Saukāne (1988) is a Latvian photographer who has graduated from the ISSP School and Mid Sweden University. Her first photobook Roots came out in 2017. In her works she focuses on historical photo and video archives, family albums and found photography. In her latest project Mets she turns to the Riga metro project emphasizing its uniqueness in terms of the utopian technical solutions and its importance in the socio-political processes in Riga in the late 1980s. Now 30 years have passed since the idea about the metro was discarded and since then a new generation has grown up. They don’t see the metro construction project as a threat, but rather as an unimplemented exotic project, which would place Riga next to other developed metropolitan cities. The exhibition Mets is on view until 14 June at the Museum of Architecture in Riga, as part of Riga Photomonth 2019.