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We are The Ones Turning

Ana Zibelnik amplifies subtle visual encounters with death in her series, We are The Ones Turning. Composed of black and white images as well as a mechanical flipbook, the works grapple with an ever scrutinized yet always unknowable subject matter: mortality. The constant motion of a mechanical flipbook fills the auditory void of the photographic medium, serving as a rhythmic reminder of their temporal nature. In American Sign Language, the hand gesture refers to death, or the physical embodiment of the action to pass over. Ultimately, the works question what it means to be running out of time.

Ana Zibelnik (1995) is a Slovenian photographer currently based in the Netherlands. She graduated summa cum laude from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana in 2018 and is now working towards an MA degree in film and photographic theory at Leiden University. Her works are on view at the group exhibition Vallery of the Strange, which runs until 28 September at the ISSP Gallery.