/ Janne Riikonen / Photo story

When everything comes together but nothing makes sense

When everything comes together but nothing makes sense is a visual study of graffiti culture in Sweden, focusing on the people behind the thriving underground culture. Hundreds if not thousands of graffiti artists or vandals – however they are called – devote their lives to the peculiar and controversial form of art; by their actions they gain respect and fame among their own rather small community, whereas are considered merely a nuisance by the general public. While graffiti often is seen as a youth culture and most graffiti writers start painting in their teenage years, the addiction grows deep roots that grip many for a lifetime.

Janne Riikonen lives and works in Stockholm. He has a Master of Arts in Photojournalism from Mid Sweden University. Janne runs a a publishing project Kult Books that has recently published his own photobook Personalia.