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Growing up travelling

The experience I had photographing the grit and beauty, that is the everyday life of an Irish Traveller child, is one that inspires me every day. As I have spent five years visiting these families living in caravans on the side of the roads of Ireland, I’m not just a photographer, I try my best to become a part of these communities. As a mother of two young women, i know how to talk to children and parents. Being a mom greatly benefits my work, it is because this that for the short amount of time I am able to be with them for I see these young kids through their mother’s eyes. I feel this great responsibility as an artist and a woman to show these kids in their own worlds being themselves, without the stigma of stereotypes or prejudices, just beautiful children being children.

Jamie Johnson is a Los Angeles photographer specializing in children documentary projects. Her work has been exhibited Internationally in galleries and museums from New York thru London and Paris, and has been published in dozens of magazines. Her monograph “Growing Up Travelling” was published this year by Kehrer Verlag.