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When I turned seventeen I left home. I wanted to know what it was like to be “an adult”, but I returned a year later because I figured out that there is no such thing as a «proper adult». I realized that «propriety» was just a an imaginary figment, which we all try to materialize, unsuccessfully. I also realized that as individuals, we actually need other people, and each other, because we are all fundamentally lonely.

I realized that it was only my family that would always be there for me and help me. It is this realization that inspires this series of works. The themes that I tried to convey in this photoset are fear, youth, vulnerability and uncertainty, which grow into sincerity, perseverance, and strength. Simultaneously, the main theme of my work is forgiveness and love. The same love that I feel for my family, and the same forgiveness that I ask of my family, for not being sincere with them before.

Lisa Mukhina was born in 2002 in St. Peterburg, Russia and since 2014 has been engaged in photography. In 2019 Lisa entered the Academy of Photography Fotografika.