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My project is an attempt to present a subject of new flat ontologies with many perspectives and to compare this experience with the phenomenon of a mental disorder classified as a schizophrenic spectrum psychosis and the experience of a modern subject of the late capitalist post-COVID era. I am also speculatively viewing the aggregate experience as an opportunity to access the Real.
The woman in my project is a fictitious character, a personification of a cyborganic myth, she is a volunteer in a scientific experiment carried out by a team of philosophers, biologists, linguists and cybernetics, that has gone out of control.

The main thing in my method is the artistic rethinking of the code, heroine`s thoughts are framed by the current code, which is connected with them through the plot and design, the logic of the function corresponds to the meaning of the phrase: stop, loop, break, recursion, etc.

Maria Kokunova (1983) is a Russian photographer living in Saint-Petersburg. She has had exhibitions in Russia, Italy and Switzerland. These series will be screened during this year’s Riga Photomonth.