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Our annual Latvian Photography 2021 will be out this week

Thursday, September 9 at 19.00, in the bar/bookstore Bolderāja on Avotu Street 29, the opening ceremony of the annual issue of the FK magazine Latvian Photography 2021 will take place.

The publication, which aims to popularize Latvian contemporary photography every year, this time is designed as an art object-exhibition – its pages can be taken out, unfolded and attached to the wall, using the cover of the publication for descriptions and titles. In this way, any reader can choose the works and authors by becoming the curator of the exhibition Life after Covid?, – this theme unites the works of the authors included in this edition. This year, the yearbook features performative self-portraits of Berlin based Aija Pole, Jānis Deinats’ “distant” portraits of creative personalities taken in the first wave of pandemic, documentary photographs of Reinis Hofmanis with the interaction of people and the environment during the lockdown, and also three projects by younger photographers – Mersedes Margoit’s photo collage about the division of society at this time, Laima Graždanoviča’s visual remarks from her illness with Covid in the apartment of a dead aunt and Valdis Putniņš’s interpretations of a person’s mental and physical condition in the pandemic era.


“The idea for this type of publication, namely that it would simultaneously function as a pop-up exhibition, arose during the lockdown when we were searching for new ways to reach and surprise the viewer. The edition can be viewed and placed in a bookshelf, but just as well the reader can put some work on the wall in their home. But you can also take it to the streets, part with your copy or just one of the pages in order to involve the general public in communication with art,” reveals the editor of the publication Arnis Balčus.

The print run is just 300 copies, price – 10 EUR only. Get your copy from our online bookshop.