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Riga Photomonth will study how AI sees Latvia

Riga Photomonth, a renowned international photography festival, is set to showcase an exciting exhibition series titled Latvia via AI in May 2023. The exhibition will feature a visual study of Latvia, created by three artificial intelligence image generators – Stable Diffusion, DALL-E and DeepAI. This marks a trend in the photography world with AI becoming a popular subject.

This exhibition is likely the first photo festival where all the artists are AI models. Each day in May, a different exhibition will be displayed, with a total of 31 exhibitions covering various topics such as “Latvian culture,” “Latvian politics,” “Latvian art,” and more. The exhibition promises to provide a unique and thought-provoking perspective on Latvia, as seen through the eyes of AI image generators.

Arnis Balcus, the curator of the exhibition, stated, “I was more interested in the ideas, stereotypes, prejudices, and ideologies that their human inventors imparted to them. Through this project, I sought to explore how young artists in the early stages of their careers perceive Latvia today, before they learn to show us the world as we want to see it.”

Riga Photomonth is an experimental photography festival that has been running since 2014. The festival showcases contemporary photography from around the world and aims to promote dialogue and exchange among photographers, curators, and photography enthusiasts.

May 1-31
Latvia via AI
Riga Photomonth popup gallery
Ģertrūdes street 64, Riga, Latvia
Daily 2-8pm, free entry