/ Dylan Hausthor / Photo story

Past the pond, setting fires

American photographer examines the borders between autobiography, editorialism, fiction, and fact in photographic storytelling.

/ FK Magazine / Video

FK – Georgs Avetisjans

Latvian photographer deals with the issues of national identity, history and sense of place.

/ Marie Tomanova / Photo story

Young American

American photographer focuses on the nature of identity, gender, immigration and displacement.

/ Alnis Stakle / Photo story

Heavy Waters

Latvian photographer wins the New East Photo Prize with the series he did in Crimea in 2011.

/ Anda Magone / Photo story

Seven Summers

Latvian photographer captures everyday moments following the footsteps of her daughters.

/ Hannes Jung / Photo story

How is life?

German photographer creates a project about the suicide rate in Lithuania, which is the highest in EU.

/ Joel Karppanen / Photo story

Finnish Pastoral

Finnish photographer studies the modern human’s yearn for the rural life.

/ Luke Archer / Photo story

The Rock

British photographer documents life in Gibraltar after Brexit vote.