/ Juha Arvid Helminen / Photo story

The Invisible Empire

Finnish photographer explores the ways in which authority express themselves through fashion and visual iconography.

/ Jan Cieslikiewicz / Photo story

Null Hypothesis

Polish photographer reflects on the human need for explanation, predictability and certainty.

/ Terje Abusdal / Photo story

Slash & Burn

Norwegian photographer discovers magic and mystery of forest Finns.

/ Annemarija Gulbe / Photo story

The White Goat

Latvian photographer documents the daily life in student dorms.

/ Jakub Stanek / Photo story

The Man Without Past

Polish photographer talks about sexuality, religion, past, maternal love, and an attempt to understand the other person.

/ Ehtiram Jabi / Photo story


Azerbaijani photographer reflects on his disease that haunts him since childhood.

/ Santa Spilberga / Photo story

I am not here

Latvian photographer creates Instagram photographs for four strangers.

/ Viacheslav Poliakov / Photo story

Lviv–God’s Will

Ukrainian photographer mixes religion, politics and urban artefacts to talk about our unconsciousness.

/ Adelīna Darviņa / Photo story

American Dream

Latvian photographer documents the representation of the American Dream ethos.