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Roman Korovin

The artistic style of the Latvian photographer Roman Korovin (1973) can be easily recognized – his photographs don’t demand spiritual turmoil or philosophical generalisations, but rather a childish joy about the funny nature of mundane objects and phenomena. Korovin sort of photographs nothing, however, the captions and the accompanying photographs (many of his works are presented as diptychs) turn the viewing of this nothing into a funny game with all the symbols and signs known to spectators. Just now Korovin has published a book Garden Close to the Sea and organised a solo exhibition Basket Shape Flame that can be visited till 22 August at Kalnciema quarter in Riga.

What your exhibition Basket Shape Flame is about?         

Not so much about Vanitas Vanitatum, but rather about human soul ache and the light at the end of the tunnel.

What is it that interests you in photography? 

Sometimes I see something didactically great and I want to show it to others. Photographs are words that are used to compose poetry. And poetry can be many-sided.

How have you managed to publish so many books? 

In fact, the books on my website are virtual. There are only two that have been published in hard copy. 

What do you do when not photographing?

I paint and make videos for advertising.

What project are you working on currently?

On a big book entitled Rock. I want less monotony and more drive.