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Llámame Marta (Call me Marta)

María Llopis, famous person in the Spanish PostPorn scene, reflects in an article: “Pornography is a reflection of our sexed society. All our miseries are reflected in it. We live in a world where violence against women is assumed as part of our day to day. [..] I do not worry that mainstream pornography is sexist. It seems logical. We have the porn we deserve.”

In recent years the porn industry in Spain has changed a lot. There are so many actresses that the majority fails to live only from porn shoots; they have to do webcams, bachelor parties or even prostitution. More and more women dare to try porn everyday. This happens because of several reasons. One of them is the economic crisis that majority of the population is suffering from, and another one could be the false idea of life full of fame and glamor that surrounds the concept of a porn star.

This project covers personal and professional life of a Spanish porn actress, from her first steps in the porn industry when she had just turned 23.

When Marta had the idea of enlarging her breasts to get a more feminine look, she did not think that some day she would work in the porn industry. After the surgery her self-confidence increased, as she began to notice the stares of men. Sex was never a taboo for her and that’s how the idea to try porn emerged.

Marta is not a victim of circumstances: she does not have small children to feed and doesn’t come from extreme poverty; her work – being a porn actress – is something she chose freely.

Katia Repina (1988) was born in Moscow but since 2009 lives in Barcelona where she obtained MA degree in photojournalism.